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In New York, armed men hijack a subway car and demand a ransom for the passengers. Even if it's paid, how could they get away?

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original title: The Taking of Pelham One Two Three

genge: Action,Crime,Thriller



duration: 1h 44min

tags: We are going to kill one passenger a minute until New York City pays us 1 million dollars.

budget: $5,000,000

keywords: train, hostage, hijacker, subway, passenger, demands, police, ransom, money, hijack, newyorkcity, tunnel, policeman, caper, negotiation, escape, detective, mayor, heist, weapon, policecar, subwaytunne



















































Pelham 1-2-3, a subway train, becomes the focal point of the most audacious and unusual terrorist attack ever seen. Four gunmen, going by color codenames, seize the train and hold its passengers and conductor hostage halfway between underground stations, demanding a hefty ransom else they will begin executing hostages. A veteran NY transit policeman leads negotiations with the hijackers to prevent any killing, but amid the showdown a question nags at authrorities - with the gunmen and their hostages in a tunnel surrounded by police on all sides, how can they possibly escape? A tense situation develops in a New York subway when a group of unidentified gunmen hold the passengers of a subway car hostage in exchange for money. A veteran detective attempts to track down the identities of the gunmen in this offbeat crime film. this is a pretty good suspense thriller from the's about a group of armed gunmen who take over a subway train and hold the passengers hostage,demanding 1million dollar ransom for their safe return.the film takes place in New York.i really loved some of the accents,and i don't mean that in a bad way.i also found it amusing how some of the characters behaved in the film.for example one of the men most responsible for keeping the trains running,is a complete jerk and cares more about the train than the passengers.also,it was comical to see the mayor of New york bitch and moan about 1 million dollars,saying they didn't have that kind of money.that's absurd.true,a million dollars was more back than,compared to today,but this is New York we're talking about.anyway,i'm about to go off on a tangent,so i better move on.the movie has some suspense and has 1 really thrilling sequence.there's no big explosions or anything like that.this movie is much simpler.there are some big names from that time in the movie,and all have good performances.but i especially liked Walter Matthau.i had never seen him in a dramatic role before.the last movie i saw him in was the comedy "Grumpy OLd Men"(and it's sequel)with Jack Lemmon.some people may find this movie slow compared to today,or quaint even,which is probably true,to some degree,but i liked it.For me,"The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three" is an 8/10 I dig this film. All the grit of 70's NYC in a great story with perfect casting. The color-coded names were genius. Robert Shaw was dead on. A very well drawn character. Hector Elizondo, Mr Grey, was as sketchy as could be. You knew he was going to snap at some point. Matthau's cool head while dealing with the politics of Dick O'Neill was quality. Catch this film, you won't be sorry.


Rob Sargent's whole enterprise doubles as a '70s archaeological dig. Four men, who go only by the names Mr Blue (Robert Shaw), Mr Green (Martin Balsam), Mr Gray (Hector Elizondo), and Mr Brown (Earl Hindman), hijack New York City's Pelham 1:23 subway train, take 17 passengers plus the conductor as hostages, and demand $1 million dollars in ransom, and they want it in exactly one hour or they will execute one hostage each minute that the money is late. Lt Zachary Garber (Walter Matthau) of the NYC Transit Police must negotiate with the hijackers, contend with City Hall red tape, and try to identify the hijackers and figure out how they intend to escape, since they are in a tunnel surrounded on all sides by police. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (aka The Taking of Pelham 123) is based on the 1973 novel (same title) by American author Morton Freedgood, writing under the pen name of John Godey. The novel was adapted for the movie by American screenwriter Peter Stone. There have since been two remakes: The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1998) (a television release in 1998) and The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009) (2009). "Pelham" refers to a local Manhattan train that departs from Pelham Bay Park. The 1-2-3 refers to the time that it leaves: 1:23. In order to assure the safety of the hostages, the mayor (Lee Wallace) agrees to pay the ransom. Unfortunately, it took them almost a half hour to come to that decision. Now they've got only 30 minutes to get and deliver the million dollars. The dead man feature is a device built into the train that requires a motorman's hand to be pressing the throttle at all times. If it's released, the train stops cold. Once the money is in their hands, the hijackers start up the train, having found a way to circumvent the dead man feature. They get off the train and backtrack through the tunnel while the train goes forward, picking up speed until the passengers become alarmed and realize that no one is driving the train. On a hunch, Lt Garver and Inspector Daniels (Julius Harris) backtrack to the 17th Street station where the train made a short stop (that's where the hijackers got off). Meanwhile, the train has tripped a red light and stopped at the South Ferry Loop, and all of the passengers are safe. Mr Blue has shot and killed Mr Gray for refusing to relinquish his gun, Mr Green has exited the subway with his share of the money, and a plain clothes policeman, who was among the hostages and managed to get off the train, has shot and killed Mr Brown and been shot by Mr Blue. Just as Mr Blue is about to finish off the policeman, Garver shows up and pulls a gun on Mr Blue. Realizing that he's been caught and learning that New York does not execute criminals, Mr Blue steps on the hot rail and electrocutes himself. Three hijackers accounted for, but who is the fourth? Armed with a list of nine ex-motormen, one of whom could possibly be the fourth hijacker, Garver and Lt Patrone (Jerry Stiller) visit each man on the list, checking their alibis. Harold (Mr Green) Longman's alibi sounds a bit shaky ("I was here sleeping until an hour ago"), and Garver and Patrone are about to leave when Longman suddenly sneezes, and Garver replies "Gesundheit", just as he did several times earlier when he heard Mr Green sneezing over the radio.


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